BNP Fundation,2020-2023: LWI: Life Without Ice. (INRAE, IRD)


Région AURA, 2017-2020: BERGER: Ecosystem biology and water resources: anticipating the impact of glacier retreat. (IRSTEA, IGE, CEN)


ZABR-AERMC, 2018-2019: Evolution of alpine aquatic ecosystems in the context of climate change and increased anthropogenic pressures. (IRSTEA, IGE, LEHNA, CEN)

Labex OSUG@2020, 2017-2018: Characterization of superficial and underground flows in the Arve catchment (Chamonix). (IGE, LECA, IRSTEA)


LMI Great-Ice CARI, 2017-2018: Effect of the rapid glacier retreat on the aquatic community in high-altitude tropical river. (IRSTEA, IGE, PUCE)

LMI Great-Ice CRYOCO, 2017-2018: Dynamics and structure of the microorganism metacommunity of the cryoconit holes: comparison between 2 tropical glaciers (Bolivia & Ecuador). (IRSTEA, IGE, PUCE, UMSA)

EURORUN, 2017: Assessing C02 fluxes from European running waters

DRYFLUX, 2017: Global assessment of the CO2 flux from dry freshwater habitats.

1000 Intermittent Rivers Project, 2016: